Teacher Professional Education (PPG)

Since 2013 the Economic Education Study Program has organized the Teacher Professional Education Program (PPG). The purpose of the PPG Program is to produce teacher candidates who have competence in planning, implementing, and assessing learning, following up on assessment results, conducting mentoring and training of students as well as conducting research, and able to develop professionalism in a sustainable manner.

The PPG curriculum structure is a workshop on packaging/development of learning tools that begins with strengthening the substance of the material to be taught, accompanied by peer teaching and microteaching, and continued with Field Experience Practice (PPL). The study load of PPG Economics Program students is 36 (thirty six) to 40 (forty) semester credit units.

PPG Economics Program students come from several provinces in Indonesia who have participated in the Bachelor of Education program in the 3T (SM-3T) area, namely the undergraduate education service program to participate in the acceleration of educational development in the 3T area for one year as a preparation of professional educators, organized by the Ministry Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.

Inputs to PPG Economics Program are those who have academic qualifications of undergraduate economics education. The number of students in the PPG Economics Program in 2013 was 13 people, consisting of 3 men and 10 women. In 2015 there were 21 people consisting of 6 men and 15 women. In 2016 there were 15 people consisting of 2 men and 13 women. In 2017 there were 21 people consisting of 3 men and 18 women

The number of lecturers in the PPG Economics Program is 24 people with 18 doctoral academic qualifications and 6 masters. Based on the academic positions of 4 professors, 14 head lectors, and 6 lectors. This program also involves Economics teachers from several senior high schools in Bandung as civil servants.

The PPG Economics program is held in the building of the Faculty of Economics and Business Education for workshops on packaging/development of learning tools, peer teaching and microteaching. Meanwhile, Field Experience Practice (PPL) activities are held at Senior High Schools in Bandung City.

The PPG Economics Program Participant Requirements are as follows:

  1. Have a background in the appropriate field of study.
  2. In good health as evidenced by a doctor’s certificate.
  3. Free of narcotics, psychotropics, and addictive substances (drugs) as evidenced by a Drug Free Certificate (SKBN) from the authorized official, accompanied by the results of a urine test.
  4. Good behavior as evidenced by a certificate from the police.
  5. Obtain permission from parents/guardians, as evidenced by a stamped statement letter.
  6. Able to take part in all activities in class and in the dormitory, with full attendance/participation.

PPG Economics Program Participants graduate if they meet the following requirements and criteria:

  1. Have discipline in participating in workshops, PPL, and other academic activities, including activities in the dormitory, not being absent or leaving these activities, according to existing regulations.
  2. Maintain ethics and personality during workshops, PPL, and other academic activities, and while in the dormitory. Never violate existing rules, regulations, and ethics.
  3. Achieved passing grades in Workshop, PPL, and Competency Test activities.