FUNCTIONS OF ECONOMIC EDUCATION LABORATORY 1. FIELD OF EDUCATION AND TEACHING Coordinate the implementation of training and development of internal and external HR institutions Organizing periodical lecturer training in the […]

Teacher Professional Education (PPG)

Since 2013 the Economic Education Study Program has organized the Teacher Professional Education Program (PPG). The purpose of the PPG Program is to produce teacher candidates who have competence in […]

Registration for Thesis Trial Examination

ECONOMICS EDUCATION FACULTY OF ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS EDUCATION ¬†UNIVERSITAS PENDIDIKAN INDONESIA Copy of Last Diploma Photocopy of the last and original SPP Photocopy of Senate / other student fees Photocopy […]

Registration for Thesis Proposal Examination

ECONOMICS EDUCATION STUDY PROGRAM FACULTY OF ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS AND EDUCATION Proposals that have been submitted to ACC Academic Advisory Lecturers, the proposal file is saved with NIM_NAME.pdf Transcripts Proof […]

Education Cooperation

No. Partner Agency Level *) Title of Cooperation Activity Benefits for Accredited PS Time and Duration Proof of Cooperation Year of the End of Cooperation (YYYY) Interna-tional National Region/Local 1 […]

Class Schedule

Odd Semester Lectures start on September 1 to January 30 and Even Semester starts from February 1 to June 30 and the Intermediate/Solid Semester starts from July 1 to August […]