Alumni Association (IKA)

The Alumni Association is one of the important organizations in a higher education institution that collects and channels the aspirations of the alumni. The Alumni Association aims to bind communication both with institutions and with fellow alumni related to career opportunities and exchanging information..

IKA Economic Education FPEB UPI is a place to gather alumni which aims to build friendships among alumni, study programs with alumni as well as build networks to improve the professionalism of alumni and bridge new graduates to the world of work.

There are several functions and objectives of the IKA Economic Education FPEB UPI as follows:

  1. Maintain, foster, improve and strengthen family relationships and cooperation between fellow Alumni and the Academic Community of the FPEB UPI Economic Education Study Program
  2. To cultivate a sense of love, pride and dedication to the alma mater of the FPEB UPI Economic Education Study Program
  3. Devoting to the community
  4. Optimizing Alumni resources as national development partners.

Formally, the alumni join the IKA for Economic Education, and informally, the alumni join the IKA for their respective batches, which carry out activities incidentally every year. The IKA congress activities as well as the grand alumni gathering are scheduled every 5 years with the selection of IKA management for the next five years, seminars/workshops, and friendship activities among alumni.